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Bus & Coach

Safety in the Bus & Coach Industry

PSV transport and passenger-carrying vehicles such as buses, coaches and minibuses provide an essential service for today’s commuters and leisure travelers.

The safety of passengers, employees and members of the public is essential, but with vehicles operating in busy and congested urban environments, preventing incidents with cyclists or other vulnerable road users is also vital.

Due to vehicle sizes and positions of drivers, buses and coaches have extensive blind spots. This lack of visibility is a contributory factor to incidents and greatly increases the risk of a collision. Being able to prevent incidents and deter fraudulent insurance claims and vandalism is important to the safety of passengers, staff and other road users and the reliability and efficiency of the service.

Which Products Do I Need?

Brigade’s safety solutions are suitable for most commercial vehicles and machines.
To help you select, we have created a series of guides featuring the safety products we recommend for the most common applications.

Select below to view the recommended Brigade products for each vehicle.

Problems Within the Bus & Coach Industry


  • 总线由于盲目的sp /教练和自行车碰撞ots
  • Damage to vehicles when maneuvering due to rear overhang
  • Damage to vehicles from street signs
  • Maneuvering in bus stations, coach interchanges, depots and garages where reversing can be difficult and dangerous
  • Vandalism of buses and coaches by passengers and attacks on members of the public, drivers and staff
  • Damage caused by parking in close proximity to other bus / coaches

How Brigade Can Help

By investing in Brigade’s safety solutions you can improve worker and public safety. Benefits include:

  • All-round visibility for safer, more efficient operation
  • Reduced accidents
  • Reduced vehicle downtime due to accidents
  • Vandalism deterrent
  • Vehicle and passenger security surveillance
  • False claim prevention
  • Reduced noise complaints
  • Meet health and safety requirements
  • Strengthen companies reputation in the community

Case Study - Luxury Coach Operator, Centaur chooses Backeye®360

Kent based luxury Coach Operator, Centaur, needed a solution to vehicle damage due to the rear swing. They installed Brigade Electronics’Backeye®360, and discovered it could not only save them money but also save lives.

With a fleet of 100 minibuses and coaches, Centaur has seen an increase of challenges when driving in Central London. Congestion and vulnerable road users require drivers to be very skilled when manoeuvring around the city. For Centaur, the biggest problem is with the blind spot due to the rear swing.

Matt Sims, Managing Director of Centaur explains: ‘Judging the point of the rear corners, in relation to traffic behind and to one side, is the most difficult part of driving a big vehicle in my view, and the area most prone to collision and damage on a coach.’

With Backeye®360 set to take over the current generation of camera monitor systems, Matt concludes..

…“In my honest opinion, it’s absolutely going to save lives and with four cyclist and HGV fatalities this year in London, the sooner it becomes mandatory the better. While I’m not advocating it, you could, quite safely, drive without any mirrors if you had to.”

Safety Solutions for Bus & Coach

  • Backeye®360is an intelligent four-camera system designed to eliminate vehicle blind spots and assist low-speed maneuverability by providing the driver with a complete 360° view of their machine in a single image.
  • Camera Monitor Systemscan help eliminate vehicle blind spots to prevent collisions. Cameras are available to cover the rear, side and front blind spots as well as internal views and to monitor vehicle-specific functions. Multiple camera images can be viewed on a single in-cab monitor.
  • 警告警报are vital audible devices to warn pedestrians and workers that a vehicle is maneuvering. bbs-tek® alarms are the safest and yet quietest on the market due to their instantly locatable and directional sound. Options include smart alarms, which adjust to the ambient noise level and speaking alarms. bbs-tek® warning alarms are patented to Brigade.
  • Ultrasonic Obstacle Detection2,3或4个传感器系统,通知车辆与任何障碍物之间的距离和任何障碍物,无论是移动还是静止的。当低速机动,逆转或在近侧和前盲点中可以提高安全性,否则会越来越突出。
  • Mobile Digital Recording通过同时从多达八个车载的相机录制素材,数字记录仪可以在事件发生时提供无可辩驳的证据。可锁定硬盘可存储高达1164小时的数据,可以通过PC轻松访问或通过3G网络或专用WiFi上传。

Featured Product

Mobile Digital Recording

Vehicle CCTV combined with the benefits of the camera monitor system, which helps eliminate driver blind spots and prevent costly vehicle damage, the rewards are even more far reaching.

Brigade’s MDR range includes four-channel mobile DVR with a 500Gb hard drive and eight-channel, 1TB models. Both four and eight-channel recorders include models with WiFi and/or 3G connectivity capabilities, allowing data to be accessed from the recorder without physically having to go to the vehicle.

The benefits

  • Proof against insurance claims such as ‘crash-for-cash’ scams
  • Protection for drivers who may be wrongly accused
  • Provides irrefutable evidence in the case of accidents and legal proceedings