Wyvern Cargo

Wyvern Cargo已提供分销服务和wareh吗ousing to industrial sectors throughout the UK since 1975, including fulfilling part-load, groupage and pallet network deliveries on both next day and time delivery options. The company has purpose-built distribution hubs in Poole and Wellingborough, along with a fleet of 65 modern vehicles ranging from 7.5T rigids and 44T articulated trucks.

作为其对安全和质量承诺的一部分,Wyvern货物以前将一系列设备安装到其车辆上。这包括Dash Cams和SD卡,以帮助在保险索赔中提供证据。然而,由于可见性,低质量录像和繁琐的监控功能的限制,这些器件发现这些设备非常有限。如果发生事件,运输经理发现他无法下载任何镜头,直到车辆返回到仓库,这被证明是耗时和效率低下。此外,由于SD卡失败或过度写入的问题,镜头有危险的危险因素而被永久丢失。


Trevor Green, Transport Manager of Wyvern Cargo, turned to Brigade Electronics for help finding suitable alternatives that would solve the issues he had been experiencing with the existing system. As part of Brigade’s Service Partner scheme Brigade referred Wyvern Cargo to a local Brigade Service Partner, Hall’s Auto Electrical. Hall’s Auto Electrical are able to supply and fit Brigade equipment as well as provide a wealth of knowledge on Brigade systems.

Hall’s Auto Electricals answer to the issues Wyvern Cargo were facing was旅的移动数字录像机(MDR),which were linked to its live streaming cloud service,.

Brigade’s MDR systems can simultaneously capture footage from up to eight vehicle-mounted cameras, providing excellent all-round visibility of the vehicle and helping to provide irrefutable evidence in the event of incidents or insurance claims.

Wyvern Cargo chose to install Brigade’s 4G range of MDRs, which can be connected to Brigade’s fully managed 4G cloud service, BRIDGE. This means data can be instantaneously accessed and live streamed from the recorder without having to physically enter the vehicle or wait for it to return to the depot.


  • 预先和后触发记录最多60分钟,然后遵循事件
  • Simultaneous mirror recording onto an in-built SD card, meaning back-up footage is always available
  • 内置GPS用于记录车辆的速度和位置
  • Immediate notification of triggered events
  • 当车辆无人看管时捕获镜头的运动检测
  • 在法律程序的情况下,篡改文件以获得更可靠的证据来源
  • Advanced search function allowing data to be sorted by date, time and triggered events, such as speed or force
  • Embedded software so that exported footage can be viewed without the need for additional software
  • 触发事件的自动数据下载

OEM approved systems that work

Having previously trialed similar systems from other companies, Trevor said:


Brigade’s products have been approved by OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), including斯堪里亚d. This makes them ideal for large fleets and is another reason that Trevor has been extremely pleased with the products. He continued:

“Chris Carradine, business development manager at Hall’s, ran through the different streaming options with us and I was immediately impressed with the quality of Brigade’s overall package. We had Scania repair and maintenance package contracts and because Brigade’s systems were approved by them, it took the worry away from breakdowns when fitted from new. Similarly, DAF had recently taken on Brigade in the same fashion”.

除了大旅的MDR和Bridge Service之外,Wyvern货物的斯堪尼亚刚性车的18辆也配有Brigade’s camerasto the front, sides and rear. As each Scania vehicle already comes with a low-fitted reversing camera as standard, Brigade’s rear camera was installed higher up, overlooking the tail lift and road, to provide an enhanced field of vision.


“It is a very, very good package overall. We were pleasantly surprised by how small the difference was in cost of Brigade’s systems versus their competitors’ systems, which are much lower quality in comparison. My advice would be to get the best and stick with it.”

As well as quality products, Trevor recognised the focus on good service and support provided by Brigade Service Partner, Hall’s Auto Electrical. “Hall’s provide us with good communication and they listened to what we want rather than telling us what they think we needed. The fitting was of a good standard and all arranged before delivery so we didn’t have any vehicles off the road. They also helped us to set the system up so that we could adjust the picture ourselves.”


“The best parts of Brigade’s system are the quality and the speed – which is almost instant. It is easy to use as well. Many other systems were just over complicated. Reading number plates with AHD cameras is also another essential element.