Vac-Ex Providing Safety To It’s Van Fleet

Founded in 1993, Vac-Ex is a civil engineering company specialising in vacuum excavation. Vac-Ex’ fleet of trucks is FORS silver accredited to include fitment of safety devices to reduce blind spots including; camera systems and sensors. However FORS silver does not require van fleets to fit equipment, despite having large blind spots, particularly at the rear. The firm wanted to extend the standard across the van fleet to provide all employees with the same high level of safety.


Chris Cunningham在LEEDS的一家旅程服务合作伙伴接近Smuk,为van舰队寻找解决方案。SMUK提供并配合旅程以极高的标准。有两个研讨会和移动工程师团队,他们可以支持多个仓库的全国舰队。在其类型的批准下,安装甚至可以进行预先登记,因此车辆准备好从第一天开始。SM英国还提供货架,照明,手洗系统,逆变器,板载电源和其他范相关的辅助装饰品。

Products fitted

  • 四个摄像头
  • 1TB MDR digital recording system
  • 反向传感器
  • Front sensors
  • 白噪声反向报警

The combination of Brigade’s active and passive vehicle safety devices provides greater driver visibility, but also warns the driver if there is a vulnerable road user in a blind area. Brigade’s white sound reversing alarms (bbs-tek®) provide a “ssh ssh” warning sound to vulnerable road users without causing a noise nuisance and are approved by the Noise Abatement Society. They are also directional, so unlike traditional beeping alarms, you can actually hear the direction the vehicle is travelling in, which is safer for the visually impaired. Furthermore, because white sound alarms emit a broad range of frequencies, those with hearing impairment who cannot detect single tone frequencies, are more likely to detect the sound. This makes them the safest reversing alarm on the market.

This reduces incidents and vehicle damage thus reducing insurance premiums. It also provides peace of mind for the operator and increases moral for drivers.


Chris Cunningham, Fleet Manager, Vac-Ex said: “Since having the Brigade equipment installed, we have been able to take the service vans to sites across the UK without issue, resulting in confident and happier drivers. The quality of the products, installation and service from SM UK has been amazing.”