Manitou.chooses safety systems by Brigade Electronics

Manitou.1958年在法国开始生活,现在是物料处理部门的世界领导者。超过60年前的Marcel Brud设计了他的第一个叉车,但从那时,该系列已经成长为包括旋转的Telehandlers,桅杆叉车,空中工作平台,铰接式装载机和反铲装载机。一个完整的范围,带有每个应用的设备。这也是如此MHT.(Manitou Heavy Telescopic)矿业range, which has been engineered to carry heavy and bulky loads across rough terrain in particularly difficult environments, powered by engines tailored to suit the destination country.

完全在意大利制造,该范围包括电梯范围,升降机在7到10米之间,负载能力在9到23吨之间 - 完美的效率和多功能性。所有型号均旨在最大限度地提高生产力,以及当然安全:紧急制动和转向,ROP / FOPS驾驶室,自动化设备识别,自动驻车制动器,防火系统等。

符合人体工程学的机舱提供全景视图,确保在最佳条件下进行工作;该控件是用户友好的,并从车辆中产生即时响应,这通过JSM(操纵杆开关和移动)可以轻松地操纵;静液压传动和低消耗发动机保证了电力和精度的平衡组合;最后但不含大量适合该范围的附件可用,使车辆在MHT系列中真正多用途 - 它们可以挑选和携带大块的石头或大理石,或者处理钢筋等长部件,轨道或金属结构。并且,由于之间的合作Manitou.伟德软件官方网站旅,电子产品,all these operations are conducted with total regard for the safety of both drivers and quarry workers. Brigade Electronics specialises in safety systems for commercial vehicles and plant machinery. Manitou’s materials handling vehicles have been fitted withBackeye®360for some time: this system combines, in a single real-time image, all the information from four high-mounted cameras positioned around the vehicle thereby eliminating blind spots. But now Manitou has moved away from the first version ofBackeye®360perfor和采用新一代模型ms even better: the area that can be viewed on the monitor has increased by 22%; the configuration and views can be personalised to fit the application with an extensive 19 monitor visualisation modes to choose from based on the speed chosen; either horizontal or vertical viewing can be selected, including when in split-screen mode. In other words, in addition to displaying full screen panoramic images of the vehicle, the screen can be subdivided to focus on selected views, such as the areas to the front or to the rear of the vehicle, ideal when manoeuvring at low speed. These constitute a range of upgrades to a system that was already highly sophisticated, one that uses software specially designed to flatten ultra-wide-angle digital images, instantly eliminate fisheye distortion and balance out any variations in brightness whilst processing and merging in real time the various shots that are used to build a single image – one that is clear and visible on the cabin monitor.

对于矿业系列中的较大车辆,Manitou.伟德软件官方网站have designed an ad hoc solution that guarantees a full view of the vehicle and its load. Specifically, theMHT10230vehicles are fitted with aVBV-320C摄像机除了Backeye®360so that the surrounding area – including the area beyond the load – can be viewed even more accurately.

VBV-320Cis a flush mount eyeball camera for normal viewing with a lens that can rotate 180°. It is robust and suited to work in extreme conditions: it has 5 infrared LEDs – crucial in poor light conditions – and can function at temperatures ranging from -30° C to +70° C; it can withstand mechanical vibrations up to 8.5 G, and shocks up to 51 G. It is paired with aDW-1000-TXtransmitter and aDW-1000-RX接收器,两者都由车辆提供动力,以便在机舱监视器上观看。该设备是无线的,这是不需要电缆的:这在路线电缆存在问题的车辆中特别有益,并且因此,电缆易于损坏。

The images fromBackeye®360和fromVBV-320Care sent to a 7 inch screen in the cabin – aBrigade VBV-770M. This is solid and resilient and has a battery life of 20,000 hours. The screen can be split to give up to four images and is anti-glare, high definition and well illuminated. It has a lock button to prevent tampering and the menu is simple and user-friendly. considering fittingBackeye®360作为所有材料处理车辆,因为客户欣赏其优点,越来越需要请求。在所有工作环境中的总安全性和对所有工作环境中的安全性,是否采石,建筑工地或开放道路时,它是有益的。