Safety Comes First For Coca-Cola

可口可乐也许是世界上最着名的公司,我们敢说,很少有,如果有的话,从未听说过可口可乐的人。“很多人都有印象是可口可乐是一个主要的国际球员,但事实上我们是一家超级当地公司”,Pascal Libens表示 - 舰队经理欧洲合作伙伴。

可口可乐欧洲合作伙伴(CCEP)是一个雇用在13个国家约23,500人的小组,他在一起在西欧的世界上最好的品牌生产和销售世界上最好的品牌。Logistic Benelux是为客户提供分发的少数几个网站之一。它拥有100多辆车,每天在比利时和卢森堡开车,供应超市,大型市场,学校,公司,市政当局等可口可乐产品。这些卡车每周5天从5个分销中心中的1次出发

In Belgium specifically, Coca-Cola consists of 3 branches. First, the “Distribution” arm of Coca-Cola, which supplies to retailers. The second branch is “Full Service Vending” and consists of around sixty trucks. These trucks make long stops with customers and therefore drive relatively few kilometres.

第三个分支是“事件”频道。Approximately 10 vehicles drive to deliver to major events such as Werchter, Red Devils contests and concerts. Until the end of August this branch will be at a standstill due to the Coronavirus.


‘’In terms of transport and distribution, there was a growing need to protect the driver and people around the vehicle. Fortunately, I came into contact with Brigade Electronics at the Transport and Logistic Awards

in Antwerp and made an appointment with Dirk van Schuylenbergh – Business Development Manager at Brigade. Dirk came with his demo vehicle and showed us live, exactly how theBackeye®360操作以及驾驶员如何从上面看到整个车辆及其周围的环境。能够在一个显示器上看到所有这些,而不是必须使用各种相机和镜子,最终是决定性因素。去年,政府还向投资安全投资的运输公司推出了补贴计划,这使得选择更容易。“

“In total we have now fitted 70 vehicles and plan to fit about 30 new ones this year. 100% of our fleet will be equipped with the Backeye®360, but also with超声波障碍物检测and a说警报。超声波检测确保驾驶员警告车辆旁边的骑自行车者,行人或物体,说话的警报警告车辆即将右转的行人和骑自行车者。“

“旅”提供了一种解决方案,为车辆和在路上的车辆周围的驾驶员和人们创造最佳安全性,“Pascal Libens说。“我们正在接受各种驱动因素的积极反馈,但在我们可以赚取系统工作原因之前,这将是一段时间。一个人必须适应完全新的视图,它总是需要时间才能习惯新的驾驶方式。但是,我相信,一旦你开车和系统开车,你就不会在没有它的情况下开车!“


‘’A next project could be, for example, the MDR – Mobile Digital Recorder. This recorder records images from the 4 cameras and these are stored on a hard disk. If during loading and unloading, for example, a driver is accused of doing something wrong, the recorded images can show whether this was the case or not. In addition, it constitutes irrefutable evidence in the event of an accident or damage. We often receive unjustified damage claims. It is reassuring to be able to check exactly what caused an accident and whether or not the driver was to blame.”

‘’Our goal is to record incidents around a vehicle. These images can then serve as protection against certain calamities. So we still have a nice challenge ahead of us!”

如果您想确保您的舰队配备最新的车辆安全系统, please do not hesitate tocontact us